So, what is it?

TILE is a web and mobile analytics solution. It is targeted at businesses, with a primary focus on allowing organisations that already possess some level of enterprise analytics solutions. TILE is designed and built to deliver the richest experience to data for mobile users.

TILE Delivers
Native Functionality
Instantaneous Performance
100% Offline Functionality for Mobile and Desktop Users
Beautiful, Integrated Visualisation

Compatibility and Architecture

TILE users can import data prior to being transformed and loaded from on premise databases (including SQL based sources, MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, CSV, Oracle, ODBC, PostgreSQL and XML, Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, Hadoop and other such databases), servers or upload data directly in Excel/CSV formats.

TILE users can draw from multiple data sources for presenting their results on a single screen or mobile platforms.

Infrastructure Setup

TILE can be deployed either as an on premise or cloud based solution.

There is also an option to setup TILE platform as a personal company server. Pre-requisites of hardware and software requirements will be shared with the organisation as an on premise solution (local server base). With the following local server or VM specification:

You can view the local server or VM specification here


The overall security provided on the platform is of crucial importance. The platform’s security features include:

Secure token based authentication.

Encryption of data in store within the TILE analytics platform.

Encryption of data with dynamic random private/public keys between mobile apps and the server.

No local data storage on the mobile apps.

License based access only.

Features Involved

Admin Panel Features

TILE Admin panel allows super admin of the system to add roles into the system. The initial set of roles identified are Viewer/Publisher/Administrator.

These roles defined in the system include accessing and managing the different features within the system based on set permissions (View/Amend/Delete at feature level).

Customisation of Logo/Branding (Color Schemes)
Companies using the TILE analytics platform have an option to setup their company brand colors/logo on the admin panel which will then display to all mobile app & web app users of that company.

Invite People
TILE Admin panel allows the administrator of the company to import a csv with the email ID of the users they wish to invite on the platform. Administrators will also be to configure and add users from on premise active directories.

User Activity Reports
TILE Admin platform administrators will generate reports of their company user’s activity on the mobile apps and website. Reports would include the user name, their login/logoff history (date/time), published reports (name/date/time)

Close User Sessions Remotely
TILE Admin platform is able to remotely close the sessions of users or devices from the admin portal itself. If user level session logoff is selected, the user would be signed out of both the web portal and mobile apps.

Expression Builder
To generate the graphs from back end database/data sources, an expression builder will need to be built internally in the system. Users are able to use this expression builder to generate the backend raw data. The solution and DATA will be required to be reloaded to the charts as frequently as real time or more.

Import data Build Graphs and Publish/Share
This feature is available both on mobile apps and web portal for data analysts to look at the raw imported data.  Users can either import data from on premise database (which includes excel/CSV/SQL/Qlik/Hadoop and other such databases) servers or upload data in excel/csv formats.

Users have the ability to define sections in the report and bind expressions on these sections. Users are then able to select the kind of data representation they want in this section. Users can select from either of the following options –

Tabular view
Provide table heading
Provide names to table columns
Hide/Show column feature enabled/disabled
Column wise expression setup
Column wise setup of graphical/text data
If column setup for graphical representation which sort of graph it is.

Graphical Representation
 Provide heading to section
 Select type of graph
 Setup expression
 Data pivot view of measures/kpis and dimensions

Once the sections are setup users possess a preview option to view how the report looks in a mobile/web view.

Once saved, users have options to invite other users on the platform to contribute to this report and then publish the report to other users on the platform by either selecting them from a drop down or typing their email addresses (which sends them an email).

Mobile App Features

License Check
TILE mobile analytics app ensures that every time the app is loaded/user logs in/request is made to server, there is a check to ensure the device ID & user based license is still valid. If the license is not valid anymore then the app should log the user out immediately and stop them from accessing the platform until their license is re-instated.

Import data Build Graphs and Publish/Share
Same as above in admin panel.



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